Location for Dinner with Music and Dances Milan

Location Dinner with Music and Dances Milan:   If you are looking for a place in Milan with a dinner, lots of music to dance, frequented by many beautiful people, Villa ReNoir is the location that everyone reaches for an evening to live in celebration.

Dinner Show Milan

Milan offers many evening solutions, but to understand and taste the true Italian style, appreciate its culture in the evenings of fun, then you can’t miss the dinner show at Villa Renoir

What is Villa ReNoir?

What is villa ReNoir Restaurant?
it is a large location just outside the city where you will always find themed dinners accompanied by typical Italian entertainment and shows. Where surely you can taste our typical cuisine and hear the great Italian and international music

For those arriving in Milan

If you are in the city of Milan, either for work or for tourism, you cannot stop in this characteristic place where joy reigns throughout the anus.

One evening for dinner with us

An evening with us means seeing live how Italians celebrate, participating in something unique in a truly exclusive environment.

In the Summer

in the summer you will find many opportunities for parties, in fact with us the wide spaces allow us to experience cheerful and musical dinners under the stars

After dinner

after dinner is always accompanied by lots of music to dance, in short, in our restaurant you can experience the heart of the Milanese night that beats every night.

The animation of Villa ReNoir

the animation of Villa ReNoir for all of you offers a very special entertainment, which manages to involve all those present, our shows are always based on joy while maintaining an elegant atmosphere.

Limousine for Transfer

if you want to experience a special evening from the beginning and you don’t have a car, no problem our organization puts at your disposal a fleet of limousines to be able to pick you up in Milan and bring you back at the end of the evening.

Dining party italian Experience
Delicious cuisines and a unique setting to inspire a special dinner

Dinner with Music and Dances Milan:

If you are in Milan and you want to experience a Milanese-style evening, and you are looking for a restaurant where you can enjoy a special dinner dancing and singing or attending typical shows of the boot, make a stop in Villa ReNoir, to discover the beating heart of entertainment in Milan